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JPJ Theory Test Booking
LDL License Issuance
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Malaysian Road Transport Department


Dear customers,

As per the announcement by the Ministry of Finance during the Budget 2024, there will be a revision in the Service Tax rate, increasing it from 6% to 8%, effective 1 March 2024.

Pelanggan yang dihormati,

Seperti yang telah diumumkan oleh Kementerian Kewangan di dalam Belanjawan 2024, kadar Cukai Perkhidmatan akan meningkat daripada 6% kepada 8%, berkuat kuasa 1 Mac 2024.

Kindly take note, after made Theory Test Booking, please go to JPJ Booking History to ensure the booking was successfully submitted. If there is any PDX20005 or KOMMS00 status, please email to helpdesk@komms.com.my.
Sila ambil perhatian, selepas membuat Tempahan Ujian Teori, sila pergi ke Sejarah Tempahan JPJ untuk memastikan tempahan berjaya dihantar. Jika terdapat sebarang status PDX20005 atau KOMMS00 , sila email ke helpdesk@komms.com.my.

Kindly take note, do not open Theory Test Booking page more than one tab. Please submit one Booking/IC at one time.
Sila ambil perhatian, jangan buka halaman Tempahan Ujian Teori lebih daripada satu tab. Sila masukkan satu Tempahan/IC pada satu masa.

Dear Valued Customers,

We are currently upgrading our MDi System starting from 23rd May 2020 until further notice

Dear Valued Customers,

We are currently upgrading our PDRM System starting from 23rd May 2020 until further notice


Semua Institut Memandu yang mempunyai akaun tempahan UB1 di bawah KOMMS boleh memuat turun tax invoice. Berikut adalah panduan memuat turun tax invoice tersebut. [Maklumat Lanjut]



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